12 Skills Every Woman Should Master

  1. How to tie a mans tie – There’s something so inadvertently sexy about it.  Not to mention there’s a handful of men roaming around who can’t tie a tie and will need your help. *Sigh*
  2. How to drive a stick shift – I’m not quite there yet, but in a sticky situation I think I could handle it. Fingers crossed.
  3. How to apply a clump free coat of mascara – A double pump of the wand is the kiss of death and will definitely lead to spider lashes.  Not a pretty sight.
  4. How to balance a check book – Keeping track of your assets and liabilities is ALWAYS an asset.
  5. How to invest – Multiple streams of income is necessary.  Gone are the days of working at a job for 40 plus years and retiring with a decent pension.
  6. The art of seduction – Enough said.
  7. A skin care regimen suited for your skin type – A basic regimen can combat unwanted skin problems and lead to years of healthy looking skin. Word to the wise: In reference to what you put on and in your body, less is usually more.
  8. How to cook at least 5 hot meals – No need to be a chef.  Being able to feed yourself and your family for at least 5 days out of the week is good for the soul, and, your wallet.
  9. How to keep a clean house – There are few things less attractive than that of a grown woman who can’t seem to get a handle on sweeping, mopping, dusting, et cetera.  A cluttered house is a cluttered mind.  The next time you see a consistently frazzled woman you can believe that 9 times out of 10 her home is as much a mess as she is.
  10. How to fix a mean cocktail – Whew.  After a few hours of cleaning a mix of Coconut Ciroc Vodka, crushed ice, and Simply Lemonade sounds like a plan.
  11. How to confront an issue without losing a friend, getting fired, or getting dumped.
  12. Staying true to yourself despite your role as career woman, mother, or wife –
    “Happy wife, happy life.”  Always pursue your own interest.  A hobby is like oxygen: it’s needed.


  1. hilljean

    Saw you on SITS and was intrigued by the title. Now I need to go clean my house. And I really need to figure out how to drive a stick shift. And the tie business…oh dear. I’m pretty behind.

  2. Ashley Ellis

    Pulled in by the title. I like your list and agree all women should be able to balance their checkbook and know how to invest. To be independent, we need to be able to financially support ourselves.

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