Date Night: The New Trend

Assuming that you find it morally appropriate to go to strip clubs, is it a wise choice to treat your man to an exciting night of booty clapping and strip tease – by some other woman, that is?

I have the utmost respect for the level of skill and strength it takes for a woman to pull herself to the top of a pole sporting a pair of stilettos and her birthday suit, slide down – eagle spread – might I add, with the grace of an Olympic gymnast, all while making eye contact with the guy holding the wad of money and salivating at her expertise.  That is truly a talent despite the thought that many find striping degrading.  Understandable, but let’s just state the facts:  That. Is. Talent.  Moving on…

For the majority of men, a visit to the “gentlemen’s club” is a trip usually taken with his buddies or a trip taken in secret with vigilant efforts to hide stacks of single dollar bills (pretty difficult to come up with a believable excuse as to why a guy has 100 single bills if not for “showing love” at the strip club.  Money for Chuck-E-Cheese tokens, perhaps?), and a semi-solid alibi that can’t quite be proven as a lie.

However, there seems to be a growing number of men who some would consider lucky in that they have women who willingly provide crisp single bills and a “get out of jail free” card as she tags along in the hopes of fulfilling both of their fantasies, whatever they may be.

Rapper Ludacris and girlfriend Eudoxie at an Atlanta strip club. Photo courtesy of Vibe Vixen.

Hitting up the strip club as a couple has shaped up to be a bit of a trend, even amongst celebrity couples who have been caught in various clubs in Atlanta, Miami, and Vegas. Each photo displays a woman looking just as happy and involved as the man she accompanied, or who was lucky enough to accompany her, for what often turns out to be a few magical hours foreplay.

Believe me, I’m no expert on the matter, but I can offer up a few tips to those of you who are secure enough in your relationship and interested in sharing this experience with your other half:

No Jealousy Allowed.  If you or your partner has the tendency to be jealous abandon the idea of visiting the strip club.  Now! 

Invite Other Couples.  Going to the strip club with a group of couples could lessen any anxiety or nerves that you may feel on your first time out.  It could be a ton of fun experiencing this with friends – as long as they aren’t swingers, unless you’re into that.  No judgment.  Lol.

Establish Rules Before You Enter.  Are lap dances on the menu?  Or, is this a no contact, spectator sport only?  Establish a set of agreed upon rules before visiting the strip club.



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