20 Mommy-Daughter Dates – Inspired by Hillijean

Since launching Be-Quoted and joining Pinterest and opening a very inactive Twitter account (Note to self:  Deactivate Twitter account by the end of the night), I have stumbled across some extremely talented, hilarious, and creative bloggers and Pinners (did I just make-up a name for Pinterest community members? Second Note:  Trademark “Pinners”).

A particular “Pinner” introduced me to blogger, Hillijean by way of a Pin titled 20 Mommy-Daughter Dates.  As the mommy to a very bright, very beautiful, rambunctious 2-year-old I was a) selecting which of Hillijean’s dates I’d replicate with my little one, and b) was so inspired by her post that I decided to create my own list of Mommy-Daughter Dates custom-made with my daughter in mind.

  1. An Indoor or Outdoor Picnic.  For some reason we have not one, but two, picnic baskets.  Now that the fall is here and the cold has begun to make itself at home in Virginia, an indoor picnic would be charming.  Put on your aprons and whip up some finger foods, pack the food and beverages in your basket, lay out a blanket in the middle of the living room and sit across from one another enjoying the date.
  2. Outdoor Photo Shoot.  Although I’m never usually the first to jump in front of the camera I take pics for the sake of creating memories my daughter will be able to hopefully cherish forever.  Select a picturesque location, enlist the help of a photographer, and have a mommy-daughter photo shoot.  Memories guaranteed.
  3. Scrapbooking.  My daughter loves to see pictures of herself as a baby as well as photos that captured Mommy and Daddy as bride and groom.  Together the two of you could select some of your favorite photos and either put them together in a scrapbook or photo album.  No need to stock up on expensive scrapbooking essentials.  My daughter and I took old wrapping paper and deflated balloons from my baby shower and her birthday parties to create colorful backgrounds for each scrapbook page.  Sentimental and practical.  Also, select retail chains like Michael’s and Joann Fabrics offer classes for scrap booking.
  4. Walk the Scenic Route.  Hold your little girls hand and take notice of everything she sees on this semi-journey.  She’ll point things out on your walk that you would have never noticed if you weren’t on a date with your special girl.
  5. Ice Cream Social.  Share a banana split at your favorite ice cream parlor or create your own ice cream bar.  Head to the grocery store to and allow her to select a few of her favorite candies and toppings, your favorite flavor of ice cream and a box of waffle cones to create your very own ice cream bar.
  6. Jewelry Making. My daughter knows that Mommy is very much into her costume jewelry.  I’m all about statement necklaces and fabulous earrings.  As such, she is very much into jewelry as well.  Several stores that carry a children’s toy section have jewelry making kits for purchase.  My mini-me would much rather go to an arts and crafts store or even a beauty supply store where hair beads are sold so that she could select the beads of her choice.  Simple string, yarn, or wire could be used to design one-of-kind pieces made by Daughter & Me.
  7. Game Night.  Decorate the house to complement the Mommy-Daughter Game Night.  Set up a different game in each room of your home.  Welcome her to game night with a boa, cupcake and beverage (non-alcoholic of course).  We suggest “concentration” or the memory card game, Chutes and Ladders, Operation, Candy Land, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Bop It!, and Pretty Pretty Princess.
  8. Mani-Pedi.  I agree with you Hellijean.  “Go get your nails did!”
  9. Brunch Date.  Any meal that involves bacon is A-Ok with my baby girl.  Enjoy Sunday brunch in your Sunday’s best.
  10. Karaoke Night.  Dress up like a couple of rock star’s or jazz singers, put your I-POD on full blast and rock out to some of her favorite tunes – in my daughter’s case, any Fresh Beat Band song – and your songs of choice.  My baby girl absolutely loves to sing at the top of her lungs while dancing with her mommy.
  11. Movie Night.  Depending on your daughter’s age, a day or night at the movie theatre can be a grand idea.  I doubt that my busy body girl could actually endure an hour-and-some-change movie.  I’d opt for a movie night at home with Walt (Disney, that is), popcorn that actually cost less than $6 (gasp!), drinks, and hotdogs.  We’d cuddle on the couch in front of the T.V. and watch as many movies as we could physically tolerate.
  12. Miniature Golf or Tennis.  Or both!
  13. Take a Tour.  Most every city/town has its tourist attractions, yet how often are we tourist in our own city/town?   About.com, TripAdvisor.com, and even your city/town government website will have a list of attractions and “things to do” to help jumpstart your tour.
  14. Have a Bake Off.  Bake cupcakes together.  Allow your daughter to decorate her cupcake(s) however she so chooses.  You do the same.  Have Daddy, or some other friend or relative, to taste them both and select the winner.  Be prepared to lose.  No matter how disgusting peanut butter, jelly beans, saltine crackers and whip cream taste on top of vanilla cupcakes.
  15. Appreciate the Performing Arts. I’m always searching for a reason to dress up and dress my baby girl up.  Attending a live play, musical, or dance performance is a perfect reason to get gussied up and a perfect way to introduce your little lady to a more sophisticated form of art in comparison to her scribbling in a coloring book.
  16. Park it at the Park.  If you’re being courageous take your daughter to an amusement park for an exhausting, but exhilarating, day trip.  If you just can’t wrap your brain around the thought of waiting in long lines and potentially cleaning up puck after one ride and one funnel cake too many, head to your local park for some one-on-one Mommy-Daughter time.
  17.  Visit the Botanical Gardens.  My little one loves flowers and butterflies.  This is a date that is long overdue.  The butterfly exhibit ends this weekend so #17 will be our first official Mommy-Daughter date since the publishing of this post.  Yay!
  18.  Tea Party.  Make handmade invitations to pass out to your daughter’s favorite stuffed friends.  Set the table for the guest and share tea and cookies.
  19. Build-a-Bear.  If your daughter has a Build-a-Bear head to the store to collect an outfit or accessory for her stuffed friend.  If not, by the end of the date  there will be a third wheel.
  20. Slumber Party.  This date can be an accumulation of multiple previously mentioned dates (movie night, game note, karaoke) that ends with Mommy and daughter slumbering in the same bed or bedroom in sleeping bags.




  1. Anonymous

    Your daughter is so lucky that you have her all around development, her enjoyment, her introduction to culture, etc. as such a high priority. You are a GREAT mom who see the value (and necessity) of putting the time into RAISING your child.

  2. breadwinningmama

    Definitely going to need to steal some of these ideas. My daughter is two as well, and I feel like we are almost the place to start to share some special mommy-daughter dates. Normally she gets dragged along to everything since she has two older brothers. 🙂

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