I’ll Sleep When I Die

I have been a self-proclaimed night owl for at least a decade.  After consistently getting a maximum of 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night, except during the majority of my 10 months plus pregnancy (An example of my tendency to procrastinate!), I am forced to re-evaluate my “night owl” declaration and call it what it is: procrastination; or worse, lunacy.

Purposely I ward off sleep for fear that the next day will come too soon.  Never one for routine, I strictly oppose mundane schedules that would require me to get out of bed the first, or second, time the alarm sounds, get dressed, head to work on the same road, missing the same green light by 4.3 seconds, to only arrive at work to say “good morning” to the same few people who happen to arrive at work at the same time as me because they too have been seized by the arrow shooting monster who transforms adults into robots.

When I am not at work, or being Mommy, or being Susie Homemaker (the term I use to describe myself when I wearing my domestic hat), I want to use my time how I choose to use my time.  If that means staying up all night to online shop just to return the merchandise upon delivery because the green boots aren’t actually green but kiwi, watch god-awful television, write out “to-do list” for the next couple of days, or share with the world – by world I mean the 3 people who actually read my blog…lmbo! – my idiosyncrasies then so be it!

Procrastination may be keeping me from achieving the desired REM cycle, but I’ll sleep when I die.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to fight my sleep in lieu of the good stuff, staying awake complaining about how tired I am but enjoying my “me” time that I only seem to get in the wee hours of the night.  I know that I’m not missing out on much by staying awake being pretty much unproductive, but my psyche tells me that my days are longer when I’m awake to not perform the many responsibilities that my life roles demand.

Sleep is good.  Sleep is necessary.  How else could we have such wonderful dreams without sleep?  But who needs dreams when staying awake and fantasizing is an option?

P.S.  In case 1 of the 3 of you readers are concerned about my lack of sleep please take comfort in that I catch up on my Z’s at work on the weekend.  On occasion I exercise good sense and responsibility and actually tuck myself in at a decent hour.  I will go to be bed at 10 P.M. tomorrow…says the procrastination queen.



  1. movesofgod

    On behalf of all of us procrastinators: Here, Here! Well said sis. You actually gave me something to think about… I do so much that when I get time I want to do what I want to do… including stay up like a loon! Great stuff!

    Maybe we should start a procrastinator’s united union… I’ll look into that next week. And as for being one of the 3 who read your blog, it’s nice to be in the number lol.

    Keep the thoughts coming!

    • bequoted

      I haven’t forgot about you bro. I WILL (I promise) send you a semi-care package in the mail. Scouts honor, which doesn’t mean much seeing as I’m no scout. But I do promise…lol.

  2. Krystle

    I prefer to call it getting the most out of my day! LOL. I know I also better be in that 3 or I’m coming around the corner to share some choice words with you missy…but then again it’s FREEZING so I’ll have to call.. 🙂

  3. Pooh

    I have been sleep deprived since my 9 month old was born. I appreciate those moments to myself at 1am when I am not mommy, fiancé, employee or anything else. And although I am even more tired in the morning, it’s worth every second!

  4. jaiepicure

    I think that life “now-a-days” makes all of us suffer from lack of sleep. There is an impossible way to complete all of your task and have time for sleep. I totally understand your post and feel your pain. With work for 8 hours, commuting 2 hours, cooking 1 hour, eating 3 hrs, child rearing 5+ hours, exercise 1+ hours, cleaning 1+ hours, blogging/journaling/homework 2 hrs, and many other factors sleep is almost not an option. But we have to get it in where we can.

  5. FrozenOJ

    I am even a worse procrastinator. I procrastinate sleeping, and then I procrastinate waking up. =D Since I am a stay at home wife it’s not uncommon for me to switch things around, waking up in PM and going to sleep in AM. I also sometimes sleep for like 10 hours… oops.

    Stopping by from SITS!

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