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Gift Guide for the Long-Distance Mother

For this one moment in time I’ll cross my fingers in the hope that one of  my two least active “followers”– my mother and husband – will continue to “support” Be-Quoted from a distance and bypass this post like they have done most of the others…lol.  Why? Because in this post I will rip them a new one for ignoring my very lovely and insightful posts!  Just kidding. I’ll save that post for after the holidays.  Instead, I’m offering up a simple gift guide for the long-distance mother who delights in sentimental and thoughtful gifts.

To: Momie, From: Daughter, With Love:

  1. 5-Piece Luggage Set with Personalized Luggage Tags – Unfortunately I live 3000 miles from my family.  Fortunately, my mother visits at least twice a year.  A luggage set of decent quality  can be purchased for as little as $99.  We’d recommend Tag Fairfield II 5-piece Luggage Set or U.S. Traveler Rio 2-piece Set.
  2. Comforter Set with Complementary Bathroom Coordinates  – I am thee comforter set connoisseur!  I shop for a new comforter every season.  I can’t see why any mom wouldn’t like such a fabulous gift.
  3. I-Pod with pre-loaded music.  Load Mom’s I-Pod up with classic hits you remember her dancing to while cleaning the house, or the tunes that bring back a bit of nostalgia from Mom’s high school prom or wedding day, coupled with modern hits that she can appreciate.
  4. Camera with scrapbook tools and a gift card  to cover the cost of  prints at Mom’s local photo center.  If within your budget, a photo printer would nicely accompany the camera.
  5. Mom proof, easy-to-use phone with Tango preset – If you aren’t familiar, Tango is free video calling service.  Think Face Time.
  6. Wine Cooler or Wine Rack – Pre-filled with wine of course!
  7. Flight Gift Card – Can easily be sent via e-mail.  No shipping and handling necessary.
  8. Spa Package
  9. Nook Tablet
  10. D.I.Y. Entertainment Basket – Basket filled with Mom’s favorite beverage, snack(s), theatre or movie tickets, CDs, DVDs, books,  restaurant gift card, home-made cookies, or whatever it is that floats Mom’s boat.

Why I Write: 09.28.03

September 28, 2011.  I’m not sure where I was or what I was wearing (the latter is far more important), but after a bit of research I would bet your last paycheck that I was likely in my apartment watching President Obama give the address to America’s schoolchildren.  Or maybe I was cooking a 5-course meal in red bottom stilettos for my hubby.  Nah.  I think I was definitely tuned into the national address.  Whatever it was I may have been doing or wearing on this day last year, I can say without a doubt that I wasn’t blogging.

The SITS Girls has again challenged me.  Only this time I’m unable to meet the challenge which requires that I publish a post that I wrote last year September 28th.  Be-Quoted was not yet launched in September of last year, and after canvassing 3 out of my 5 journals  it became apparent that I seemingly boycotted writing on September 28th for years.  Until…I came across my favorite leather bound journal where I had written “my thoughts” at 6:16 pm on September 28th, 2003.  Posting my thoughts, whatever they may have been at that time (because I’m not even sure), is me being courageous.  Here’s to writing.

6:16 pm

September 28, 2003

“There is…

Nothing profound in a web of deceit

Nothing real in a fairytale

Nothing meaningful in a life of fantasy

Nothing perfect in a world called “real”

Nothing ugly in a mind so beautiful

No one can see me if I never speak

No one listens when my mouth parts

No one means nothing & nothing could mean anything

This is why I write…

A blank page is the best listener…” – ASM

Fall For Anything

If you’ve been kind enough to visit Be-Quoted this week you may have noticed that I’ve “fallen for anything.”  Every post this week has centered on the fall season.

Today I’ve been challenged by the SITS Girls to share a favorite fall craft  or autumn recipe.  True to my over achieving tendencies, I’ve gathered up a number of my fall favorites and have pinned them on Pinterest.

If you’re daring enough to “Fall for Anything” click on the Apple Crisp Caramel Candy Apples courtesy of to take a look at our fall favorites Pinterest board.

Music Memories


A good song is like a picture – it brings back vivid memories.  When you hear a certain tune you can remember exactly where you were, what you were doing, and how you felt.  Music has the ability to tap into your memory vault and bring back old feelings, both good and bad.

In an effort to update my I-Pod with both old and new tunes I flipped through my CDs I had a bit of nostalgia and started seeing myself at different points of my life listening to music that has brought out one emotion or another.

I think that everyone has a list of songs that will forever take them “back down memory lane.”  I’m a bit of an old, tortured, soul and can be eclectic in my taste in music.  This list of songs represents some moments in my life that will likely be with me even in my old age when dementia sets in.  Not all of them may be my favorites, but they all paint a picture.

  1. “Thinking About You “ – Frank Ocean
  2. “Someone Like You” – Adele
  3. “Song for You” – Donny Hathaway
  4. “All I Do Is Think of You” – Troop
  5. “Kissing You” – Keith Washington
  6. “I Care for You” – Aaliyah
  7. “Congratulations” – Vesta
  8. “Superstar/Until You Come Back to Me” – Luther Vandross
  9. “Amazing” – Luther Vandross
  10. “Weak” – SWV
  11. “Cause I Love You” – Lenny Williams
  12.  “Before I Let You Go” – Blackstreet
  13. “Love” – Music
  14. “California Love” – 2Pac
  15. “Nobody Supposed to Be Here” – Deborah Cox
  16. “Cupid” – 112
  17. “Dreaming of You” – Selena
  18. “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” – En Vogue
  19. “They Don’t Know” – Jon B.
  20. “Be Without You” – Mary J. Blige
  21. “Best of Me” – Mya
  22. “Spice Up Your Life” – Spice Girls (Don’t judge…lol)
  23. “I’ll Make Love to You” – Boyz II Men
  24. “Meeting in My Bedroom” – SILK
  25. “He Can’t Love You” – Jagged Edge

I’m sure there are others, but that dementia may have begun to set in a little early.  My trip down memory lane ends here…but oh what a journey.  “Like” if this list has you fumbling for your I-POD or Pandora dial or reaching for your cell so that you can text, “I was just thinking about you” to a certain someone who may have given a special meaning to song that will always stroke your memory.

Men of Honor

There was a time when a name truly meant something.  Or, at least that’s what I’m guessing, because the names that I heard growing up in the 80’s and 90’s during the era of the made-up-hyphenated-apostrophe-name were a sure sign that the meaning of a name was not a priority. But I digress.  This post is not about the 80’s and 90’s and the creative parents of that time.  Instead, it is a post about the lack of respect that the American culture has come to embrace in reference to the honor of a name, or more aptly a title or position.

A medical doctor, regardless of whether you care for her bedside manner, is still a “Dr.”.  In the U.S. Army, the top rank official is not addressed as “dude,” but as General.  The honorifics of such persons are uniformly upheld, that is until we speak of the current leader of the “free world” (Yes.  Quote, end quote.).  Political affiliation and ideals aside, President Barack Obama is, despite what his opponents and non-supporters say, a member of the upper echelon of society.

Again of what this post is not about: It’s not about my political affiliation (I’m an independent if you must know) or yours.  It is, however, a matter of respect.  Since early 2007 when then Senator Barack Obama announced he was running for president, the disrespect we as a people have displayed has been appalling!

Although not as blatantly disrespectful as drawing pictures of and referring to President Obama as a monkey or a blood thirsty joker, or simulating the hanging of President Obama, the repeat usage of “Mr.” as opposed to “President” Obama is still disrespectful.

Since President Obama was sworn into office how many times have you heard, “Mr. Obama?”  Or had you noticed?  Maybe I would not have taken notice if it weren’t for a large number of news reporters and journalists making it a custom to verbally downgrade the president by the quick switch of a word.  I have considered this may not be a deliberate attack and I simply perceive it as far more than what it is intended to be, but even past presidents are honored with the title, “former President.” Yet the man who currently holds office cannot regularly be honored in such a way.

Like it or not, for at least the next 140 days, he is President Barack Obama.  Yours and mine.

*Side note: I totally acknowledge that a few of you just rolled your eyes and shut the computer off in offense and will fail to read this post in its entirety.  I’m just exercising the truth.  Forgive me. I need not to lose any readers! Lol.