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Gift Guide for the Long-Distance Mother


For this one moment in time I’ll cross my fingers in the hope that one of  my two least active “followers”– my mother and husband – will continue to “support” Be-Quoted from a distance and bypass this post like they have done most of the others…lol.  Why? Because in this post I will rip them a new one for ignoring my very lovely and insightful posts!  Just kidding. I’ll save that post for after the holidays.  Instead, I’m offering up a simple gift guide for the long-distance mother who delights in sentimental and thoughtful gifts.

To: Momie, From: Daughter, With Love:

  1. 5-Piece Luggage Set with Personalized Luggage Tags – Unfortunately I live 3000 miles from my family.  Fortunately, my mother visits at least twice a year.  A luggage set of decent quality  can be purchased for as little as $99.  We’d recommend Tag Fairfield II 5-piece Luggage Set or U.S. Traveler Rio 2-piece Set.
  2. Comforter Set with Complementary Bathroom Coordinates  – I am thee comforter set connoisseur!  I shop for a new comforter every season.  I can’t see why any mom wouldn’t like such a fabulous gift.
  3. I-Pod with pre-loaded music.  Load Mom’s I-Pod up with classic hits you remember her dancing to while cleaning the house, or the tunes that bring back a bit of nostalgia from Mom’s high school prom or wedding day, coupled with modern hits that she can appreciate.
  4. Camera with scrapbook tools and a gift card  to cover the cost of  prints at Mom’s local photo center.  If within your budget, a photo printer would nicely accompany the camera.
  5. Mom proof, easy-to-use phone with Tango preset – If you aren’t familiar, Tango is free video calling service.  Think Face Time.
  6. Wine Cooler or Wine Rack – Pre-filled with wine of course!
  7. Flight Gift Card – Can easily be sent via e-mail.  No shipping and handling necessary.
  8. Spa Package
  9. Nook Tablet
  10. D.I.Y. Entertainment Basket – Basket filled with Mom’s favorite beverage, snack(s), theatre or movie tickets, CDs, DVDs, books,  restaurant gift card, home-made cookies, or whatever it is that floats Mom’s boat.